During this difficult period of self isolation and quarantines, we will naturally rely more heavily on our online friendships and communities. When we can’t go out and join our friends for coffee, to discuss our latest read or the newest show we are bing watching on Netflix, we will find ourselves turning to social media for that much needed social interaction. I am lucky to be a member of a few online communities on various platforms and one such community is the #writingcommunity on Twitter. This incredibly supportive community is a band of authors and writers from every genre and experience level. There are Horror writers, Romance Writers, Fantasy writers, writers from every background and age group, professional writers and amateur writers. But regardless of what you write or whether you’re paid to do it or not, every single one of them enthusiastically supports the rest in equal measure. It is a wonderful community and one that I am proud to be a part of.

At the core of this community is the incredible Write Reads. I discovered this page in its infancy and was instantly drawn to its simple yet altruistic ethos. The concept was simple: Every day, the page would tweet out a ‘Review of the Day’ and ‘Blog Post of the Day’ from the bloggers which follow the page. Everyone who follows then retweets these tweets in order to maximise that particular blogger’s reach, and knowing that eventually their turn to be boosted will come around. I loved the idea and immediately signed up. I have been an enthusiastic member since and if you follow me on Twitter, you will notice I continue to retweet those posts. When this blog is featured, my visit numbers sky rocket and my follower counts increase dramatically. This simple premise is incredibly effective and as a result I have discovered dozens of amazing blogs, authors, books and writers. I have watched the community grow in size exponentially and begin to expand its wonderful repertoire, adding book tours, book giveaways and now, a Book Bloggers Novel Award. I love this idea. Everything about this community is about promoting and supporting bloggers and authors and this idea is a genius way of doing so.

Lucky for me, since myself and The Write Reads go way back, the man behind the page Dave Taylor, Kindly agreed to let me interview him about blogging, and the community as a whole:

  1. For those unfamiliar with The Write Reads, could you please explain what it is? 

The Write Reads is basically a support group for Book Bloggers. We highlight two bloggers per day and give their blogs the biggest boost in exposure we can via the blogoftheday and reviewoftheday tweets! We also do blogtours and giveaways for bloggers and stuff! We have an Instagram account now which is run by a small but awesome group of bloggers which tries to do the same, hopefully that will grow too. Oh and we have a Facebook too! Its spreading everywhere!! 

  1. What inspired you to create The Write Reads? 

Years ago I used to have a book blog and I just found it really hard to get engagement and views and just become part of the community. It ended up feeling kinda lonely really so after a while I gave up on it. Then a few years later I got to thinking about book blogging again, but instead of deciding to restart my old blog I decided to see if I could help others avoid what happened to me. If TWR has helped people get engaged in the community, enjoy blogging more, get more exposure, make friends, or kept them going when otherwise they may have quit then I consider that a job well done. 

  1. Were your surprised with how much the concept would take off and by how positive the response would be? 

Massively so! It just blew up! 

  1. Do any blog posts or reviews stick out in your mind as favourites? 

Oh, well I couldn’t possibly answer that now could I??? Everyone is awesome!!! 

  1. Tell us about the BBNYA. 

Gosh where to begin?  

Well I guess it was kinda two fold. The first thing is, as well as once being a blogger I was (or am) an author myself (an author that seems to constantly avoid writing). And a bit like with Book Blogging I think the majority of self-published/indie authors also find it very hard to get exposure, break into the community and just get their name out there. I am a strong believer that there are some amazing undiscovered gems out there in the self-published world, but the author is simply unable to get the book into peoples’ hands, unable to get noticed.  

So, this is where I began to wonder could we achieve, basically both my goals in one swoop. Could we show the power of book bloggers, really get them focused on something, united in a great and noble quest so to speak, and could they, the bloggers help this unknown author. Could they discover his or her book, lift it up out of obscurity, get behind it and show it off to the world. Could they dig up this diamond and place it in the crown for all to see? 

Now, there are lots of ways that book bloggers currently help such authors, reviews, interviews, blogtours etc and all of them are fantastic. But I just had a feeling that there was the potential here for something more, something that the group as a whole, that book bloggers as a unified group could do. Well, we shall see, but I am hoping that being crowned the Book Bloggers Novel of the Year will make somebody’s dreams come true and as the years go by the prestige and success associated with it will just go off the charts. 

 If Book Bloggers can do that for an author, well I think a lot of people will feel very good about that.  

6) How do people apply and what kind of books are you looking for? 

All the details can be found on the official website www.bbnya.com 

7) Do you have any advice for new bloggers/reviewers out there? 

Be honest, be kind, engage with and support others, and if you need a break take it. 

8) What is in the future for the Write Reads? 

I have no idea! For now I’m happy to just do what I do and give a different blogger a big boost in exposure and engagement every day, and hopefully put a smile on their face! 

If you are a writer, author or Book Blogger, check out their Twitter page now and happy Blogging!

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