The Bookish Box: Official Unboxing.

Happy New years Eve everyone!  I hope you all have a wonderful evening ahead of you, including a glass of bubbly and a kiss at midnight.  To celebrate the end of December, and 2017, as well as the beginning of a new year, I thought I would share with you the unboxing of The Bookish Box’s December edition, which is the perfect theme for the coming of a new year: Destined.  I have had the honour of recently becoming a rep for this amazing company, and I was so excited to receive my first box, I simply couldn’t wait to share it with you all.  If you love it as much as me, you can get 15% off at the Bookish Shop and $3.00 off your first subscription at The Bookish Box  by using my exclusive discount code MARIE.

And to celebrate December’s theme of Destined, I have written a short story in the same theme, which is at the end of the unboxing!  Enjoy the unboxing, enjoy my story and enjoy your New Year’s Eve…it’s destined to be a good one!!

bookish box 1Just look at this selection of bookish goodies!  I practically squealed when I opened it.  The first thing I came upon was this gorgeous Throne of Glass mug, featuring a fabulous watercolour illustration by Aelin Fireheart.  As if this wasn’t amazing enough, inside I found the most beautiful wooden Christmas ornament created by Hello World Paper Co.

Next, I came upon the sweetest Harry Potter candle, created by Whiskey Diamond Candle bb3Co. and decorated with a hint of gold.  I wish I had the ability to capture scents in my images, because it smells heavenly!! And to match my candle, a badass Harry Potter tee from The Bookish Shop, with one of my favourite quotes, ‘When in doubt, go to the library.’ Wise words!!

Beneath this, a stunning Game of Thrones print by @DaniMarieDraws, featuring the Queen of Dragons herself, as well as the monthly theme doodle created by Doodles by Christina, because who doesn’t love a bit of colouring in?

bb4Finally, the final finishing touch, a new read: Roomies by the New York Times bestselling author Christina Lauren- keep an eye out on my blog for the upcoming review!

I honestly think it might be the best thing I have ever received through the mail!


Running from Destiny

When Helena was born, she was told, “You are destined to be a great leader.” It had been written in the stars they said, and foretold by the elders of the kingdom. As she grew, they told her almost every day of her life, “Take your lessons Helena, so you can grow up to be the great leader you are destined to become.” “Eat your vegetables Helena, so you grow up to be the strong leader you are destined to become.” If she heard her nanny say it once, she heard it a million times, until Helena decided she didn’t want to be a great leader anymore. She decided she wanted to be something else, anything else, somewhere else, away from here. And so, on her sixteenth birthday, under the cover of darkness, she packed a bag and left the kingdom, turning her back on the destiny everyone else had picked and choosing her own.

When the people awoke the next day, and discovered their beloved Princess gone, they wept, for they knew that darkness lay in wait within their boundaries, poised to strike at any moment, and without Helena, their great and brave leader, they were surely doomed.

Helena walked through the most treacherous mountain paths, and faced the worst of all weather. She hunted and climbed and swam and ran, and grew tall and strong. Her life time of training kicked it, almost automatically, and she did not simply survive, she thrived and grew stronger than ever, for now she breathed free air, and could choose her own path.

Sadly, the kingdom grew weaker, as fear took hold. Those amongst them, with greedy intentions and selfish inclinations, took advantage of the climate of uncertainty, and anointed themselves leaders and governors, tearing the kingdom into pieces to rule as their own, fighting to rule the biggest piece, until it lay in wreck and ruin, unrecognisable to any who had known her in happier times.

A decade came and went, and Helena, now strong and fierce, never tiring of her adventures, hurried onwards until she came upon a town in the dark woods. The people were fearful, cowering at the slightest sound. Every time Helena tried to speak with them, to buy a loaf of bread or enquire as to the name of the town, they would run and hide, locking their doors. Only one would talk with her, the eldest of the residents, and therefore the one with the least to lose. She told Helena of a great and mighty kingdom, filled with happy people, who after losing their Princess, found themselves torn apart by greedy, selfish men, who decided to fill the void left behind with their own version of leadership. And so, under the shadow of such corruption and deceit, the kingdom fell apart, and it’s people now feared their own shadows, and struggled with the daily chore of survival.

Helena was touched by this tale of woe, and after seeing how poor the people were, and how even the children were worked as slaves so the men in charge could live in wealth and luxury, she made it her mission to help them. One by one, she faced these men, and one by one they fell on her sword. She freed the enslaved, and opened the castle doors to the poor and the starving, ensuring all were fed and clothed and had a roof over their head. She restored the light to the darkened woods, and the kingdom once again united, began to prosper, it’s people happy for the first time in so many years.

One day, as Helena was helping the villagers rebuild their school, the old woman came to her with a smile on her face, “I told you you would be a great leader one day. I’m glad I made you take your lessons and eat your vegetables.” Helena cried with joy as she hugged her old Nanny, and the people rejoiced at the return of their beloved Princess. Although she had left, she returned stronger, having lived her life her own way on her own terms, and discovered that often, we meet our destinies on the paths we take in order to avoid them.



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