Christmas Gift Guide Part 2: Perfect presents for the book worm in your life!

My last Christmas gift guide was such a huge success, that I thought I would do another one!  There are so many amazing book related products and shops out there, I could never fit them into one blog post, so sit back and relax, because I have everything you need for the bibliophiles and nerds in your life!

  1. Book Subscription boxes continued

As I said in the last gift guide, there is literally a box to suit every taste and personality!  Whether you are a horror fan, a fantasy fanatic or lover of Young Adult, there is something out there for you.  I love the idea of these as a gift, because it lasts beyond Christmas and spreads the joy for longer!  It is the literally the gift that keeps on giving!  So here are a few more examples for you!

Owl Crate: This is the ultimate subscription box for fans of Young Adult.  Every month,owlthey hand pick the best of the newly released Young Adult novel, and give you a hardback copy, along with three to five other bookish goodies, all of which are tailored to that month’s theme.  The theme for December is ‘Seize the day’ which is perfect, because you can seize the day and get yourself one of these awesome book boxes!  They retail at $29.99 per month, and there’s even a junior version available for the little bibliophiles in your life!  Photographed (by @mlovesreading) is the Mythical creatures box, and it looks BADASS!  Definitely going in my letter to Santa!!

lit crateLit Joy Crate: This US based book box contains a carefully chosen, new release novel plus a bunch of extra bookish goodies to bring your reading experience to life.  The best bit is that they do a box to suit every age, from kids, to middle grade and finally young adult, and you can even buy past boxes from their shop, so if you have missed any of their amazing themes, you can always catch up!  Boxes cost $29.99 a month and I think they are perfect for the little book worms in your life!

Vellum Box:  This subscription box is just getting started, and it’s one with a difference, because each month you get a unique and exclusive bookish t-shirt, along with two to four other book related goodies! The best part?  Each month, the t-shirt is designed by a different artist, so you get a one off design that supports artists within the bookstagram community!  Sounds good right?  Boxes cost $29.99 for regular sizes and $31.99 for plus sizes!

2. Bookish Clothing

They say you should wear your heart on your sleeve, well why not wear it right across you chest instead?  No, this doesn’t require any surgery or permanent ink tattoos, it just requires a kickass t-shirt to declare your nerdy soul to the world!  Everything from logos to quotes are available out there in every colour and design you could possibly want, so get shopping!

litLit Emporium: This site really is a one stop shop for everything bookish.  From jewellery to stationary and notebooks, they have everything your little bookaholic heart could desire.  Some of my favourite items, are from their clothing range.  Featuring authors such as Mary Shelley and Sylvia Plath, as well as some badass book worm motifs,  they are stylish and unique and would fit perfectly in any bibliophile’s wardrobe.  And at £15.00 for a tee and £25.00 for a sweatshirt, and free standard shipping on orders over £10.00, they’re affordable too.  My personal favourite?  The Frankenstein heart motif.  I dare you to visit and not buy something!  So many things from this shop feature on my wish list, it’s hard to keep track!

Vivlyo: This US based site features a huge range of bookish tees.  They feature authors poe shirtfrom Shakespeare to Bronte, in simple and modern motifs, in every colour you could possibly want.  They cost $28.00 and would satisfy any book worm.  This store also features their simple, bold designs on prints.  Starting at just $12.00, these would look great in the home of any book lover.  My personal favourite is this Edgar Allen Poe shirt and the Sherlock Holmes print.

Check them both out now!

3. Quirky Prints

I love nothing better than a great piece of art, and frankly, the nerdier and the quirkier the better!  Who wanted to have the same thing as everyone else on their walls, when you can have a lovingly created, original piece of art featuring some obscure literary or televisual reference.  Perfect!

Yandrawsamon: Yannie is a friend of mine, and I simply had to introduce you to her dumblegorgeous shop.  She creates the most unique and original artwork, covering all your geeky obsessions, from Studio Ghible to Stranger Things, you can purchase prints or original pieces of art on her Etsy store.  My personal favourite has to be this quirky Harry Potter print, because who doesn’t love a good play on words?  There is a whole series of Dumbledore puns, starting at £12, and the best part is that the proceeds from every sale goes to fund and train new Guide dogs.  So not only do you get to give your friend (or yourself) a gift, but in doing so, you give the gift of a friend, and a vital support, to someone in need!  Magic!

Tula Makes: I came across Tula in my bookstagram travels, and immediately fell in love 11
with her sweet and unique designs.  She makes stunning prints and bookmarks, which truly are one of a kind.  Are you a Harry Potter fan?  Perhaps you adore Stranger Things?  Tula captures these fandoms perfectly, but in such a sweet and magical way.  I am OBSESSED with this Eleven print, I mean look at it!  It’s awesome!  She also makes the sweetest bookmarks with little tassels on them, and I am a sucker for a tassel.  CThis print is only £4.79!!  Check her out immediately!


hogwartsFour Seasons Fox: This is another shop I discovered on Bookstagram, and fell immediately in love with.  Based in Luxembourg, they have prints to suit every nerd and bookaholic, from Doctor Who to Harry Potter, your geek dreams will come true.  Check out this gorgeous Hogwarts print, costing just £2.29! Bargain!  The shop also contains notebooks, enamel pins and calendars and is definitely worth a visit!


4. Stationary 

Us book worms love nothing better than a nice journal or pen, because the only thing better than reading a book, i.e. writing your own!

Icey Designs: This is the ultimate stationary shop for book lovers.  They produce the most bbgorgeous journals and notebooks, in every style and genre you could ask for, along with kickass planners, pencils and even enamel pins and candles.  One of my personal favourites if this stunning Beauty and the Beast journal at $15.00, and I could go mad buying their pencils and enamel pins.  Their prices are really reasonable and their products super stylish, so perfect for the list makers and obsessive compulsive organisers out there (me lol).  Check them out!

4. Something different

braceletDillon designs Jewellery: These stunning and unique jewellery designs are just swoon worthy!  Each beautiful piece is hand stamped with your favourite literary quotes, and would compliment any outfit.  Check out this stunning Jane Eyre quotation bracelet at just $16.00!  Along with their amazing jewellery, they also produce keyrings, dog tags and even bookish tees! I have recently found out I have the privilege of becoming a rep for this wonderful business, which means as my readers you get 15% off with my exclusive discount code MARIE15…so what’s stopping you?

Punky Pins: Your one stop shop for a truly badass range of patches, stickers, keyring, pinjewellery and as the name would suggest, an epic range of enamel pins!  Each one is so unique and fun, and is guaranteed to brighten up even the most boring of lapels.  Take this awesome ‘The Book was Better’ pin as a prime example.  I can guarantee there isn’t a book nerd alive who wouldn’t jump with joy at finding this bad boy inside their stocking this year!  And at only £7.00, it’s also a total bargain too!  Head to their site now and see their huge range of beautiful goodies, and watch as your shopping cart grows and grows!

Amos Plush: This page features a range of Harry Potter enamel pins, as well as theharry cutest plush toys EVER!  The hand made Harry Potter plushes are honestly so adorable, you will scream when you see them…I mean look at Harry here!  Amazing!  Unfortunately, the plushes aren’t for sale too often, but find solace in her epic enamel pins!  One of my all time favourites, is mad eyethis adorable Mad Eye Moody pin badge, with a 3D eye!  Too cute.  Pins range from $8.00 AUD for seconds and $12.95 AUD for the more elaborate one .  She has advised me her stock is a little low right now (so get what’s left while you can) but she will be restocking in the new year, so watch this space!  The best part?  International shipping is dirt cheap at only $3.50 AUD worldwide!  So, no excuse not to buy really!!


wesGroundhog Day Crafts: I found this shop on Instagram, and I am so in love with their amazingly quirky designs.  Their embroidery hoops feature felted portraits of anyone and everyone your heart could possibly desire.  I am a huge Wes Anderson fan, and I am in love with this Bill Murray hoop!  If you want to buy something truly unique and special for the bookend in your life, then this is where to go!  You could get a Harry Potter portrait, or perhaps your favourite hobbit?  Prices are on request and vary based on the design.  Ranging from $120 to $200, these are obviously not a small gift, however when you think of the hours and love put into each amazing design, plus the fact that you would own a one off, original piece of art, and it’s actually a massive bargain! One day i will own one on my wall!  One day!!



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