Christmas Gift ideas for bookworms and bibliophiles!!

It’s that time of year again folks!  Time for eating, drinking and generally being merry, for Christmas parties, silly jumpers and TV specials, for family visits and party games, slush and snow and winter coats, and of course, PRESENTS!  I don’t know about you, but one of my very favourite parts of the holidays, is giving gifts.  When I find something unique and special, that suits a person perfectly and makes them smile and laugh, well I just adore that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you see their faces light up.  Saying that, finding that perfect gift for that special someone, can be somewhat stressful.  So, in this edition of my blog, I am writing to give you some pointers in that particular area, and I am sticking with my particular area of expertise: Book worms.  Being one myself, I know what will make our little book addicted hearts skip a beat, and it doesn’t have to break the bank!  So have a look through my very own gift guide, and see if anything tickles your fancy!!

  1. Book Subscription Boxes!

Any bibliophile out there would be ecstatic to receive a book subscription box.  You can pretty much find one to suit any taste, from classics to Young Adult, from Horror to Fantasy, there is a book box out there to suit everyone!  They range in price, but are usually around the £25-£30 mark.  This does not include postage, so check that before you order.  The boxes are bulky, so postage can be expensive, so I recommend opting for a book box in your own country.  You can purchase most as a one off, or in a package of several months.  I don’t have the space to feature the full list of what is available, but here are some of my favourites!

The Once Upon a Book Club Box : This is a book box I can recommend personally!  It is book boxbased in the USA, with the boxes costing $34.99 each.  It is a book box with a twist.  Instead of a normal book box, with a series of themed gifts within, this box is all about immersing you in the featured book.  Along with the carefully chosen book, you get five gifts, all of which are wrapped and marked with an individual page number.  Once you get to that page in the book, you open that particular gift, and within you will find a unique item which is linked directly to that particular point in the book.  I found the book, the gift choices and placement and even the packaging and wrapping to be spot on!  For a full review of the box I received, check out my previous blog entry.  Good news is, if you fancy this box, you can get 10% off any purchase with my unique discount code MARIE10!

Prudence and Crow: This is a Vintage book club box based in the UK, and retails at £15.00 prudence and crowper month.  Inside, you receive a vintage paperback book in the genre of your choice (you can pick between Classic, Science Fiction, Thriller, Children’s or random) a handmade book bag, a library card and a selection of surprises.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will know what a fan of vintage fiction I am!  Perfect for any fellow collectors!

They sell individual vintage books and you can also choose to receive a random vintage book only, minus all the other bits and pieces, all wrapped up for Christmas for just £6 (available until December 5th)!  Bargain!

Bookish Flickerings: Based in Holland, these one off boxes feature candles, teas and bookishflickeringunique and carefully sourced items related to that month’s theme (pictured is the Harry Potter Themed box).  This is one of the most reasonable of the book boxes, particularly considering all of the goodies you get!  A full book box comes in at only £20.46!  Postage can be combined, and is not that expensive, so perfect for any European and UK residents.  Best of all, you can buy the individual items from each of the boxes…so if you don’t want to spring for the whole box, you can just buy that candle you have your eye on, or that tea which sounds too good to be true!  I have already personally placed orders with this one and can’t recommend it enough!

Nocturnal Readers Box: For the lover of all things ghoulish and horrifying, this awesome nocturnal boxhorror themed box based in the USA, retails at $35.00 a month and features awesome hand selected items surrounding that month’s theme, such as badass pin badges or creepy socks.  The box photographed is the July box, entitled ‘The Feast’ and as you can see, you get a lot of ghoulish gear for your dollars!  Alongside the monthly subscription service, you can also purchase individual items from the shop separately.  Perfect for the dark and twisted people in your life! (Like me…hint hint Santa!!).


Letters Lit:  This US based company is an anomaly on this list because technically it’s not letters lita book BOX but a book LETTER.  This unique and inspired idea means that you get all the joy of a subscription box, but at half of the cost (because of reduced postage).  Each month, a letter is themed around a particular book and features loads of gorgeous bookish delights within it, all lovingly wax sealed inside the envelope!  Letters retail at $16.99 a month (Bargain!!) and are perfect for any fans of classic literature and all things vintage! Definitely on my wish list!


2. Book Marks

It seems like the obvious gift I know, but book marks make the perfect gift or stocking filler for any book worm!  They are not only inexpensive, and practical, but these days, with the amazing artists and craftsman out there, you are basically buying a little book sized piece of art! Plus, being small and light, postage is not really an issue!

Louise’s Make Believe: This US based shop features designs which are so unique and louise 3stunning, they are almost too pretty to put inside a book!  I have several and they are displayed in a frame on my wall, they are that gorgeous!  You can see the effort and love that goes into each one of the artist’s prints and book marks! Available through Etsy, bookmarks average around £4.69, a bargain! Plus, you can get 10% off with my exclusive discount code MARIE10!

Keep an eye out for the Luna Lovegood book mark- my personal favourite!


Millie Rose Designs UK:                     This company has a range of lovely goodies, but the focus of this millie2post is their hand stamped metal book marks.

Each one has an inspiring phrase and a colourful tassel, which just makes me fall in love with them.  You can even personalise them if you like, and get the name of your bookish friend on one, or perhaps their favourite literary quote.  I have a couple myself and they are so pretty!  Available on Etsy, they retail around £8.00 for the small ones and £15.00 for the larger ones!

3. Bookish Jewellery

Now every lady, book worm or not, is a fan of jewellery, but for the true bibliophile, onlyfangirl book themed jewellery will do!  Yes, you can get jewellery for all of your favourite books, and again, with the item being small, postage isn’t such an issue.  Take for example the fabulous Fan Girl Pixie Jar, a unique, Canada based shop on Etsy selling hand crafted, book themed jewels!  I have several of her pieces and they rock!  So whether you are a fan of The Hunger Games, Harry Potter or Peter Pan, she has something for every book lover.  Plus, you can receive 15% off with my exclusive discount code MARIE15!  Perfect!

4. Bookish Candles

Everyone loves a scented candle.  They fill your house with the sweetest smells, and provide that comforting, homely glow!  Nowadays, not only can you get unusual scents and styles, but you can even get candles themed around your favourite books or fictional characters!  Perfect right?

As mentioned above, A Bookish Flickering sells the candles featured in their boxes bookishcandleindividually.  Take Hogsmeade, a Harry Potter Themed candle described as smelling like ‘Woodland Walks and Rainwater’…sounds heavenly right?  Or what about The Burrow which smells of ‘candied clementine and apple pie.’….delicious!

They retail at £7.91 each and postage can be combined.  Bargain!!

Madame Fiction: A UK based seller, her stylish candles feature unique blends of scents madame fictionperfectly matching the book themed.  Take for example ‘Circus of Dreams’ consisting of slated caramel, smokey wood and pistachio.  Heavenly!  I have personally sniffed one of this retailer’s candles and they are as yummy as they sound!

Candles retail at around £11.50 and are available through Etsy.

My Burning Classics:  This French based company hand pours classicstheir lovely candles into Mason style glass jars which just look stunning.  You can buy individual candles at €9.00 each, or opt for boxes containing multiple candles.  They too have themes around your favourite literary characters and fandoms.  One of my personal favourites are the Hogwarts House candles, available individually, or all four for €33.00.

5. Book themed Teas.

C.S Lewis once said, ‘You can never get a cup of tea large enough, or a book long enough to suit me.” and this is a sentiment I definitely share!  There is nothing better than reading a good book while sipping a lovely, cosy cuppa…but what if the tea itself was book themed?  That takes it up a gear!

Try for example, UK based shop The Rosie Lea Tea company.  They feature gorgeous teas rosie leathemed after your favourite fandoms, authors and fictional characters, all hand blended and packaged.  One of my favourites has to be the Harry Potter potions set, retailing at £12.00.  They range in price depending on the amount of tea ordered.

I know I keep mentioning a bookish flickering, but I have just butterbeerhad the privilege of becoming a rep for this fledgling company and I am a huge fan, having ordered some of the tea myself!  Bags retail at a bargain £3.26 each.  I have ordered the Harry Potter themed teas myself, including a butterbean flavoured tea and a pumpkin spice flavoured tea!  Can’t wait to try them!

6.  Book Buddies

What exactly is a book buddy I hear you ask?  Well, any true bibliophile understands the pain and horror of dogeared and creased books.  Book buddies are essentially a little sleeping bag for your books, to keep them safe in your bag.  Genius right?

Melvis Makes: Every book bag, Christmas decoration and book buddy is hand made here in the UK, and features a huge range of prints and themes.

They range in price from a small one for £11.50 to an extra large for £15.50.  Most notably, there is a massive range of Christmas themed fabric, perfect for a Christmas present!

Because these items are just fabric, postage isn’t a huge issue either!

Sweet Sequels: I simply had to mention this shop, because I pretty much want sweet 1EVERYTHING in it.  Based in the USA, each of the stunning designs is hand painted onto muslin fabric before being digitally copied and printed on other fabrics, and then hand sewn into your chosen book buddy, quilt of baby muslin.  The designs are just spectacular, and I urge you to check them out!  You can also buy prints for around £7.82 if you want to display these beauties on your wall, which trust me you will!  Book buddies retail at around £21.11.  One of these bad boys is definitely featured on my Christmas wish list, that’s for sure!

7. Something totally different

These shops provide something so unique and awesome, they cannot be categorised!

House of Worry Dolls: I know what you are thinking…why would my book worm friend doll2want a doll?  But trust me on this, as soon as you see these unique, handmade designs, you will need to order yourself some!  Based in the USA, this company creates whimsical worry dolls from your favourite literary characters and books, such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, as well as TV and Movie fandoms like Star Trek and X-Files.  I mean look at this Snow White and Maleficent…how could you not want these?

You can even order customised dolls, or a family portrait, which would make an incredibly unique piece of art on your wall, and a great talking point!  Prices depend on whether you order a single doll or a set.  On my wish list for sure!

Hairy Potter: A must for any Harry Potter Fan!  Based in the UK, the Hairy Potter makes unique Harry Potter themedhp pottery, as well as cards and even hand carved magic wands.  The owner said he was disappointed with a lot of the Harry Potter merchandise available, as it looked plastic and modern, in other words, nothing like something you would find in the world of Potter.  His aim was to create items which look like they were purchased from Diagon Alley, and he has 100% succeeded.  He makes everything from signs to Christmas decorations, and everything is just stunning…I mean, how could you not want this hanging on your tree?  I own a multitude of his pieces and will continue to collect because they honestly rock- I cannot recommend him enough!  Prices depend on what you are purchasing, but he is not expensive at all.  PM him for orders and enquiries!

robertaLast, but definitely not least, I had to mention my dear friend, the very talented Roberta Marina.  She makes hand sewn embroidery hoops in every colour and theme you can think of.  She takes personalised orders, so can make the item to your specifications…so if you want a Harry Potter hoop or a Hobbit hoop, she is your woman!  I own two of her embroideries, and I pretty much order one for every friend’s birthday and Christmas presents!  Prices range from £12.00 to £20.00 depending on the amount of work involved and she ships internationally!






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