Mother: A Poem and the latest edition of my collaborative series ‘Inspired.’

It’s officially Autumn.  The weather is beginning to turn, the days are shortening and the leaves will soon fall from the trees.  I hope, wherever you are, you are warm and cosy this Sunday evening!  For the latest edition of my collaborative series ‘Inspired’ I have collaborated with the incredibly talented Aurelya Raven, an artist and photographer from Berlin, Germany.  I was immediately drawn to Aurelya’s images, with their dream like quality and stunning content, every one painted a story.  For our collaboration, I was inspired by her beautiful photographs to write a poem, and Aurelya was in turn inspired to create the stunning images below.  If you love her work as much as I do, you can see more on her Instagram.  And if you are an artist or photographer, and would be interested in collaborating, please get in touch!

Mother 1


She is Mother,

formed in shadow and light,

lifeblood of the forest,

roots, twisting, veins of the earth.

Her song is carried on the wind,

                                                                                                              sometimes a whisper,

                                                                                                                                   often a cry.


Her tears fall with the rain,Mother2

nourishing, feeding, then

washing away, erasing, flooding.

She weakens,

earth replaced by concrete,

trees felled, soil leeched.

Pesticides, insecticides, poison.

She weeps for us,

                     our Mother,

                                            for we are killing,

we are destroying,

                                   we are dying.

                                                           She is Mother,

                                                                                                     soon she will be no more.





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