Tragedy in London.


Like many people all over the world, but particularly here in Britain and Ireland, I was horrified watching the news unfold from Westminster yesterday. It is truly heartbreaking to know that people lost their lives so senselessly, including a Police officer on duty, who died protecting others. Anyone who has visited this area will know it is regularly packed with people, many of which are tourists, and often, children. I dread to think what they witnessed there yesterday. My heart goes out to the families of those killed and injured.

Events like these are, tragically, becoming all too common. It seems like every day, we turn on the news or open our phones to find other innocent people have lost their lives in a terrorist attack, and I can understand why, through fear, behaviours and attitudes can change. But I am comforted that in the face of so much sorrow and adversity, the majority of people refuse to let these events change who they are or how they live. For every act of terror, there is a dozen acts of kindness, and instead of being divided, as is the intention behind the atrocity, more often than not, it unites us. Together, we are stronger.

Today, Westminster is open for business as usual. People will take that same route to work. They will continue, and they will prevail. Inspired by these tragic events, I wrote a poem, which I would like to share with you.


With every fire set,

We will prevail.

Rising from ashes,

Standing united,

Stronger than ever.

You cannot win.

Arms embraced,

Holding up wounded.

Words of comfort,

Spoken softly.

You cannot win.

Wounds heal,

Tears dry,

Never forgotten.

You cannot win.

You will not win.


*Apologies for the lay out of the poem, but this was the only way I was able to put it up.


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